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Cave Cuilleron is, above all, a family estate. A passion for wine has been in our genes for three generations. Let’s draw the company’s timeline through some key dates.

1920 | Estate founded by Claude Cuilleron, Yves’ grandfather.
1960 | Yves’ uncle, Antoine Cuilleron, takes over the estate.
1987 | Yves Cuilleron takes over the 3.5 ha (8.5 acre) estate in Chavanay (Condrieu and Saint-Joseph appellations).
1988 | First Côte-Rôtie vintage made.
1992 | New winery built in Verlieu.
1996 | Yves sets up Vins de Vienne with Pierre Gaillard and François Villard.
1999 | First extension of winery in Verlieu.
2004 | Non-profit Vitis Vienna set up to promote Seyssuel wines and seek an appellation.
2006 | Vines acquired in Saint-Péray and Cornas. Also, creation of the Bourasseau cuvées, a super-premium product for cellaring.
2007 | With some vigneron friends (Jean-Michel Gerin, Pierre-Jean Villa, François Villard and Pierre Gaillard), Yves opens Le Bistrot de Serine in Ampuis. Second extension of the winery in Verlieu.
2009 | Yves works as a viticulture, oenology and trading consultant for Domaine des Masques (Aix-en-Provence).
2012 | Acquisition of vines to make red Crozes-Hermitage.
2013 | Yves teams up with Jeff Cohn to make a wine in California: Domaine des Chirats. In this close trans-Atlantic collaboration, West Coast climate and soils were fused with Cuilleron winemaking. 
2014 | Acquisition of vines to make white Crozes-Hermitage, and “Les Rousses” produced for the first time.
2015 | New vat room built. Range change to include lieux-dits (localities).
Projet |
Replanting of heritage grape varieties to make unique new cuvées.

“Since I can remember, I’ve always loved tastings and good food. Wine has been part of my family history for three generations. The domaine wasn’t destined for me, but my passion drew me back to my vigneron roots, and in 1987 I took over the family estate.”

Yves Cuilleron

Family roots
“For three generations, wine has been part of my family history, on my mother’s and father’s sides. My paternal grandfather established the estate in 1920, and in 1947 he began selling his wine bottled. In 1960, my uncle Antoine Cuilleron became the manager of my paternal grandfather’s estate. In 1987, when I took over running it, I decided to settle in Verlieu, my mother’s home village.”

Education and friends
“To be honest, I saw myself becoming a mechanic rather than making wine. But I had reckoned without my solid family education, in which wine and cookery played a big part. Years later, I did my military service in Alsace, and, through tastings and restaurant outings with my buddies, I really caught the wine bug! When my uncle retired, and with no successor lined up, my parents considered selling the estate. I didn’t have a moment’s hesitation. Wine had brought me back to the vines – and from then on, I couldn’t imagine being anything but a vigneron.”

Full focus
“Without rigour, passion is not enough. And so I wanted to understand and control everything. To ensure my wines are totally “home made”, I have rejected off-the-shelf ideas, refused to copy others. Since the start, I have personally monitored every stage of production, from planting to bottling. This exacting attitude has driven me to think constantly about my tools and facilities. That’s why I had a new winery built in Verlieu in 1992, and then extended it in 1999. In 2007, a wide-ranging extension and construction programme was carried out. Everything was redesigned – the buildings for vinification, ageing, storage and hospitality. In a nutshell, I focus on everything. That’s the price you pay for quality.”