Origin: vines on south-facing terraces overlooking Chavanay. Their orientation and sensitivity to botrytis notably promote grape over-ripeness. “Ayguets” is a cuvée brand.

Soils: muscovite-rich granite.

Grape variety: viognier.

Vititculture: high-density planting (8,000-10,000 vines per hectare). No insecticides or pesticides, few treatments (depending on weather), small amount of organic-only fertiliser, with respect of soil and vine balance. Vigour and yield control, leaf-thinning and green harvesting to promote grape ripening.

Vinification: the botrytised or dessicated grapes are handpicked with several sorting stages from mid-October to mid-November, then pressed and left to settle. Alcoholicfermented in barriques during the winter.

Maturing: 8 months in barriques.

Style: it measured 11,5% alcohol in 2015, and contained 110g of residual sugars. A vin liquoreux of complex style, with notes of candied fruits, honey, wax and mild spice. Ample and balanced on the palate, with a velvety sucrosity and attractive power.

Ageing: can be drunk young, but sweet wines age well for 10 years or more.

Food match: desserts of low sweetness or cheese (e.g. Roquefort and walnut toasts).