Faithful to the terroir as weel as to the memory, Yves Cuilleron decides to break with the uniformalization of Syrah and plants old grape varieties adapted to our region but which have been abandoned.

Soil : Granit

Grape variety :Durif.

Viticulture :high-density planting (8,000-10,000 vines per hectare). No insecticides or pesticides, few treatments (depending on weather), small amount of organic-only fertiliser, with respect of soil and vine balance. Vigour and yield control, leaf-thinning and green harvesting to promote grape maturation..

Vinification : the grapes are picked at perfect ripeness and sorted by hand. Only the best press juices are kept. Alcoholic and malolactic fermented in barriques with native yeasts.

Maturing : 18 month in barrels.

Olfactory tasting: Rustic wine. Deep black fruit nose.

Tasting: The mouth has a good depth, the texture is elegant. Rich powerful fruity

Aging : Best drunk young up to 5-7 years.

Pairing: Red meat. Cut of beaf, pepper sauce