Origine : «Biousse» is a single vineyard from a place known in a hillside in the south of Saint Peray

Soil : Red clay and granitic scree.

Grappe variety : marsanne.

Viticulture :high-density planting (8,000-10,000 vines per hectares). Naturel cover cropping to avoid erosion. No insecticides with respect of soil and vine balance, few treatments (depending on weather and the necessary) and small amount of organic fertilizer. Vigour and yield control, leaf-thinning and green harvesting to promote grape ripening. Disbudding on the spring.

Vinification : A single plot cuvée. The grapes are picked when fully ripe and hand-sorted. After pressing, they are alcoholic with native yeasts and then malolactic fermented in barrels and big cask with temperatures control.

Maturing : 9 months in barrels and big cask

Olfactory tasting : The nose has its own characcteristic bouquet of white sweet flowers (honeysuckle, acacia) dried fruits and lemons pickled touch

Tasting : Nice and fresh start then become very sleek and mineral. A grat length, sign of a great structure

Aging : Drink young on the primary aromas up to 3-4 years or also can age up to 6-10 years on the secondary aromas.

Pairing : Wothe meat and fish.