Faithful to the terroir as weel as to the memory, Yves Cuilleron decides to break with the uniformalization of Syrah and plants old grape varieties adapted to our region but which have been abandoned.

Soil : Granitic

Grape Variety: Persan.

Viticulture : Naturel cover cropping to avoid erosion. No insecticides with respect of soil and vine balance, few treatments (depending on weather and the necessary) and small amount of organic fertilizer. Vigour and yield control, leaf-thinning and green harvesting to promote grape ripening. Disbudding on the spring.

Vinification : plot harvest and vinification. The grapes are hand-picked; and then sorted, crushed and partial destemmed in the cellar. Fermented in open top, temperature-controlled vats for about 3 weeks, with regular cap-punching and pumping-over. Alcoholic fermentation in vats with native yeasts and malolactic fermentation in barrels.

Olfactory Tasting : Fresh and greedy. Little red fresh fruits.

Tasting :Notes of pepper and li-quorices. Fleshy on the pa-late, nice tannins and a vel-vety finish.

Aging : Up to 7-10 years

Pairing : Strong Meat, Charcuterie.